The Distributed Research on Emerging Applications and Machines Lab (DREAM:Lab) focuses on holistic distributed systems research that enables the effective and efficient use of emerging distributed data and computing systems, using scalable software architectures, innovative programming and data abstractions, and algorithms for optimal distributed execution, to support data intensive scientific and engineering applications, which can lead to transformative advances to society.

At the DREAM:Lab, we work on cutting-edge distributed systems research that attempts to answer questions such as:

  • How can we make the best use of distributed machines that span edge & mobile devices, fog & cloud resources, data centres and Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • What are the gaps in existing Big Data platforms, programming abstractions and algorithms to support fast, linked and temporal data?
  • How can we use Big Data platforms and distributed systems to scale novel data-driven and machine learning applications for social good?

Our students and staff have won many accolades, including a Distinguished Paper Award at EuroPar 2018 conference, Best Paper Finalist at IEEE HiPC 2017 conference, the Motorola Gold Medal for the best student in the MTech(CDS) program in 2015 and 2017, and Student Fellowships from Microsoft, Cargil and Maersk.

We offer opportunities for research students and staff who are interested in challenging systems problems. These include design and development of novel distributed software systems, performing scalability experiments with large-scale Cloud/IoT systems and datasets, and scaling and applying data analytics and machine learning techniques. Strong programming and algorithm skills are required, as demonstrated through participation in hackatons and competitive coding sites, contributions to open source software, and development on large-scale Big Data platforms.