Welcome to the DREAM:Lab

The Distributed Research on Emerging Applications and Machines Lab (DREAM:Lab) focuses on holistic distributed systems research that enables the effective and efficient use of emerging distributed data and computing systems, using scalable software architectures, innovative programming and data abstractions, and algorithms for optimal distributed execution, to support data intensive scientific and engineering applications, which can lead to transformative advances to society.

We attempt to ask questions such as:

  • How can we make the best use if distributed machines that span edge & mobile devices, fog & Cloud resources, and accelerated & low power processors?
  • What are the gaps in existing Big Data platforms and their programming abstractions to support fast, linked and temporal data? How can they make the best use of distributed machines?
  • How can Big Data platforms and distributed machines be leveraged to advance novel data-science applications for social good, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and graph analytics?

Visit the Overview page for more information on who are we and what do we do.

You can also explore various ongoing projects at the DREAM:Lab:

  • GoFFish: Scalable graph processing and querying, and distributed and dynamic graph algorithms
  • ECHO: IoT application platform for Edge, Fog and Cloud computing
  • Fast Data: Resource allocation, reuse and benchmarks for stream processing applications
  • Smart Campus: Deploying an IoT fabric at IISc for smart water management and beyond.

If you are interested in joining our group as a research student at IISc, an intern or project staff, or collaborating with us as an industry partner, visit the Opportunities page.