Simmhan mugshotYogesh Simmhan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) at IISc. He leads the DREAM:Lab. Previously, he was a Research Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department (Computer Engineering) at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and Associate Director of the USC Center for Energy Informatics. His research explores abstractions, algorithms and applications on distributed data and computing systems. These span Cloud Computing, Scalable and Distributed Computing, distributed data and metadata management, and software architectures for large scale applications in eScience and eEngineering. His research advances fundamental knowledge, and offers a practitioner’s insight, on building scalable, resilient systems to empower dynamic, distributed and Big Data applications.
Yogesh has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University and was earlier a Postdoc at Microsoft Research, San Francisco. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM. /www/


Students and Staff


Aakash Khochare, Ph.D. Student. Aakash is currently working on addressing the system-side challenges in scaling object re-identification applications to city wide camera networks.
Shayal Chhabra, Ph.D. Student(RBCCPS). Shayal is currently working on scheduling of tasks in IoT devices.
Swapnil Gandhi, M.Tech (Res.) Student. Swapnil is currently working on abstractions for Distributed Temporal Graph Processing.
Siddharth Jaiswal, M.Tech(Res.) Student. Siddharth is currently working on Partitioning Algorithms for large scale Distributed Graphs.
Nashez Zubair, M.Tech(CDS) Student. Nashez is currently working on Fault Identification in IoT Applications using Data Provenance (history of data).
Shrey Baheti, M.Tech(CDS) Student. Shrey is currently working on integrating IoT and Blockchain. He has also worked on the “A Large-scale Virtual Environment for Internet of Things” (VIoLET) project.
Sheshadri KR, Ph.D Student. Sheshadri is currently working on building reliable distributed storage in Wide Area Network (WAN) for IoT edge fog devices setup. He is also looking at evaluating Erasure codes for providing efficient storage at the Edge layer in IoT.
Diksha Chaudhary, Ph.D Student. Diksha is currently exploring various genomics algorithms and their optimization using Big Data and HPC tools. She is also associated with the Centre for Brain Research which is leading the Genome India Project (Pan India initiative focused on Whole Genome Sequencing of representative populations across the country).
D Awadhesh Tanwar, M.Tech(Res.) Student. Awadhesh is currently working on distributed graph algorithms.
Shriram R, M.Tech(CDS) Student. Shriram works on Distributed Graph Databases and Resilient Scheduling of Jobs on Edge, Fog and Cloud (IoT).
Prithvi Alva, Project Staff. Prithvi is part of IMPRINT India (IMPacting Research INnovation and Technology) project and working on analysing Bangalore city water supply data using Apache Spark to address the inequity in water distribution.
Sumit Kr. Monga, Project Staff. Sumit is currently working on reliable distributed storage for Edge and Fog devices in a WAN setting. He is also a part of the SATVAM project for real-time urban air quality monitoring and is a contributor to the distributed orchestration of IoT dataflows across Edge and Cloud resources(ECHO).
Richu Saxena, PostDoc Research Associate.




Shilpa mugshot Shilpa Chaturvedi, M.Sc.(Engineering) Student. Shilpa investigated various stream processing distributed frameworks. She joined NetApp (Advanced Technology Group) after submitting her thesis in 2018.
Siva mugshot Siva Prakash Reddy Komma, M.Tech.(CDS) Student. Siva worked on dynamic scheduling of analytics across various resources (edge + cloud). He joined nVidia Inc. after graduation in 2018.
Abhilash mugshot Abhilash Sharma, M.Sc.(Engineering) Student. Abhilash worked on exploring optimisation of queries on graph databases. He joined Ericsson Research after submitting his thesis in 2018.
Prateeksha Mugshot Prateeksha Varshney, M.Sc.(Engineering) Student. Prateeksha worked on various algorithms for scheduling workflows across edge, fog and cloudShe joined NetApp (Advanced Technology Group) after submitting her thesis in 2018. 
  Pushkara Ravindra, Project Staff. Pushkar worked on the ECHO platform for application execution across edge+Cloud devices.
  Sahil Tyagi, Project Staff. Sahil worked on the Smart City project, with specific interests in distributed stream processing. He joined Indiana University, USA as a Ph.D student in 2018.
  Jayanth Kalyanasundaram, Project Staff. Jayanth worked on the GoFFish project for distributed graph processing, with a specialization in experimental benchmarks and graph storage. He joined UC San Diego, USA as a MS student in 2017.
Anshu mugshot   Anshu Shukla , M.Sc.(Engineering). Anshu investigated various distributed stream processing frameworks. He joined Ericsson Research after submitting his research thesis in 2017.
   Ravikant Dindokar, M.Sc.(Engineering). Ravikant worked on  empirical complexity model for different subgraph centric algorithms and  efficient scheduling of  distributed tasks on different partitions. He joined Oracle after submitting his research thesis in 2017.
Rajrup mugshot Rajrup Ghosh, M.Tech.(CDS-CP). Rajrup investigated distributed runtimes and scheduling of complex event processing across edge devices and Cloud, which is called “Fog Computing”, and apply it to the Smart Campus project being conducted at IISc. He joined Samsung Research after graduation in 2017. He won the CDS Motorola Award for best student in his graduating class.
neel_photo Neel Choudhury, M.Tech.(CDS-CP). Neel worked on the GoFFish scalable and distributed graph processing and optimizations, and time-series graph algorithms. He joined Bloom Reach after graduation in 2015. He won the CDS Motorola Award for best student in his graduating class.
Vedsar mugshot Vedsar Kushwaha, M.Tech.(CDS-CP). Vedsar worked on job and dataflow scheduling algorithms on public Cloud and spot VMs with the goal of optimizing costs and improving resilience. He joined Amazon Inc. after graduation in 2015.
Tarun mugshot Tarun Sharma, M.Tech.(CDS-CP). Tarun investigated distributed stream processing on Clouds, with a focus on supporting mission-critical applications, and in-place update strategies. He joined nVidia Inc. after graduation in 2015.