Research Staff position on IoT Technologies at IISc

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting technologies that will enable smart cities, personalised healthcare, and new possibilities for deep monitoring and management of essential resources such as water, energy and also enables air pollution monitoring in real-time. At the Indian Institute of Science we have exciting opportunities for getting involved in this technology so that you are ready for a future career or advanced studies in the area of IoT. This is a challenging opportunity with the chance to learn new concept and techniques, work in a research environment, implement, experiment and deploy Internet of Things systems at large scales, and publish research papers.

We are looking for research and development staff who can work on IoT projects that lie at the intersection of wireless communication networks, embedded systems and edge/cloud computing.

  • Qualifications: B.E/B.Tech. in ECE or Computer Science within the past 5 years. Industry experience is preferred.
  • Duration: 1 year or longer
  • Skills: Academic training in algorithmic aspects of communication networking (preferably wireless networking), and proficiency in system level programming in C, Python, Java. Working knowledge of any network simulation tool is desirable.
  • Job description: To assist the project faculty in understanding, developing and analysing networking algorithms, implementing them on embedded platforms, developing GUI front end, design and development of wireless network simulation code, and generating and plotting performance results over real-world deployment and lab testbeds. Helping with field deployments of IoT and wireless sensor network prototypes, and performing scalability and validation experiments. Compiling technical reports and presentations.
  • Salary: As per Government of India DST norms, and based on academic qualifications and experience.
  • How to apply: Send your detailed CV to Yogesh Simmhan ( and S.V.R. Anand ( with the subject line “IoT Staff: <Your Name>”