New Students

Instructions for New students at DREAM:Lab

Accounts to get once you join the lab

  • Get account on DREAM:Lab wordpress site (Yogesh)
  • Create a webpage for yourself under<username> and add your photo & brief info to
  • If you’re a fulltime student or staff at IISc, you should get WiFi and VPN access from CMC/NetHelp, and your AD account and email address from DIGITS office. If you’re an intern/visitor, fill out the CDS Permission letter, get it signed by Yogesh and submit a copy to security to get building access, and one to CMC/NetHelp to get WiFi access.
  • Get added to the DREAM:Lab mailing list (Yogesh)
  • Get an account on SVN and learn how to use it/not use it (Aakash)
  • Send you GitHub handle to get added as a committer to the lab’s public GitHub page (Yogesh)
  • Get account on the Rigel cluster (Swapnil)
  • Get account on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Use with caution! (Yogesh)

Tasks to do once you join the lab

  • Update your contact information.
  • Go through the other resources available on the internal webpage.
  • Fix any issues you find in the wordpress content.
  • Plan out your weekly F2F meeting schedule with Yogesh and add to the page.
  • Attend Monday lab meetings (3-5pm) and Friday subgroup meetings (2-330pm/330-5pm) at CDS 309/208.
  • Sign up to present a research paper 2 times in the semester during Monday lab meetings. Before presentation, add slides and link to paper to the meeting page.
  • Add comments on courses you are taking.