Ph.D. or M.Tech.(Research) Students at CDS, IISc

The lab is looking to grow!

We welcome Ph.D. and M.Tech. (Research) research students interested in working in the lab. You are encouraged to review our research projects, our recent papers and relevant literature, and contact Yogesh with specific research areas and problems that you are passionate about.

Specifically, for new students admitted in August, 2017 interested in our lab, please make sure to:

  1. Visit our lab webpage (done!), and identify 1-2 ongoing research projects that are of interest to you. Read 1 paper each from those project topic.
  2. Meet with some of the lab students in CDS224 who work in those topics to get a feel for the research and the lab.
  3. Send Yogesh an email enclosing your CV and you interests to setup a time to meet. Walk-in meetings are welcome on August 1 and 4, 10AM-5PM.

M.Tech.(CDS) Course Students at CDS, IISc

Dissertation projects on state-of-the-art topics on Cloud and edge computing, Big Data platforms and IoT are available for M.Tech.(CDS) students. These projects will place an emphasis on innovative research ideas as well as practical grounding through software prototyping and benchmarking on Cloud and distributed clusters. Students will be expected to start in their first semester and also publish a research paper as a project outcome. Many of our lab graduates have won the CDS Motorola award for the best performing student in their graduating class!

Some of the topics offered for new students joining in August, 2017 include:

  1. Scalable Big Data and IoT Platforms for Smart Supply Chain Analytics (with Cargill)
  2. Big Data Platforms for Graph Processing and Querying
  3. Streaming Analytics across Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing

Besides these, other topics relevant to our research projects may be available as well. Send Yogesh an email with your CV and schedule a time to talk to.

Research Project Staff Positions

Research staff positions are periodically available in many of the research areas we work on. We look for graduates with strong technical qualifications and experience working with large-scale software projects. Industry experience is strongly preferred. Our research staff undertake research, development and project management roles on state-of-the art R&D projects. Many of them have gone onto top-tier graduate schools globally. These appointments will be for a minimum of 1 year duration, and pay will be as per government norms. Interested candidates are encouraged to send Yogesh an email with their detailed CV.


A limited number of undergraduate internships and projects are available to exceptionally-qualified students from top-ranking colleges. The student should be able to spend the summer and an additional semester on the project (e.g., summer after 6th semester+6th semester and 7th semester), for a period of 9-12 months to be eligible. Short term summer internships (3 months) are NOT offered.  We have hosted interns from IITs, BITS, NITs, etc. in the past, besides top colleges in Bangalore. Our interns have gone on to join top graduate schools such as CMU, USC, UMass, etc. based on their research experience. These positions are very competitive. Interested candidates should send Yogesh an email with their CV and duration of availability by January of the year of internship.

Industry Collaborations

Our lab works on applied systems research that is of relevance to state-of-the-art solutions being developed in the industry and with an impact that is 1-5 years down the line. Our current and part collaborators and grant sponsors have included NetApp, TechMahindra, and Microsoft, besides informal engagements with partners such as VMWare, Huawei, HortonWorks, Ericsson, etc. The preferred means of engagement is through research grants (that also quality for CSR), and where the industry is willing to actively engage in open-source research and publications. We also occasionally take on consultancy projects, though it is not actively pursued.