TaskAssigned ToStatusDependency
Signup for lab talks All
Update schedule for semesterAllAkshay
Identify paper for next weekAllWeekly
Content: Code Challenge pageNeelDone, for now
Admin: SVN: Email notificationTarunDone
Admin: SVN: BackupTarunDone
Purchase: 4TB HDDYogeshDone
Purchase: Main ServerYogeshTODO
Content: Preprint, Bibtex, Pubs pageAnshuOngoing
Content: Project details, People EditorialYogeshTODOPeople: Anshu Photo+Text, Ravikant Text;
Project Details: Cloud TBD, Recent Pubs TBD, Respective projects (marked as hyperlinks) to be updated [10],[15]
Admin: Wordpress backupVedsarTODO8
Content: Lab meeting slidesVedsarWeekly
Admin: Upgrade wordpressYogeshTODO9
Content: Project page details for Graphs, Streams/CEP, Cloud/SchedulingNeel/Ravi, Tarun/Ranjitha/Anshu, VedsarDone11
Admin: Rigel cluster CentOS updateYogesh/netwebDone
Admin: Rigel reconfig accounts, etc.RaviTODO16
Admin: Big Data Platform InstallRavi, Neel, Tarun, AnshuTODO17
Admin: Openstack Juno InstallVedsar, RaviTODO17
Content: Page for Rigel adminRaviTODO17
Content: Page for Big Data platformRavi, Neel, Tarun, AnshuTODO18
Content: Page for openstack adminVedsarTODO19
Admin: Create Ubuntu images on OpenstackVedsar, RaviTODO19
Space: Fix chairsRanjithaDone
Purchase: 2 PCsYogeshDone
Purchase: ProjectorYogeshDone
Purchase: BooksYogeshTODO
Purchase: MonitorsYogeshDone
Purchase: PrinterYogeshDone
Purchase: 2 ChairsYogeshTODO
Purchase: Extension Cables, 2YogeshTODO
LAN PortsAnshuTODO

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